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tv   Interview with Robert Weil  CSPAN  July 10, 2016 8:07pm-8:16pm EDT

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>> we're talking sigmund to the publisher the oldest independent in america we publish a serious nonfiction in some literary fiction fat cat cage coulter. >> we europe's talking about
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some of the books coming called this fall let's start off with a serious one and. >> this tells the story of how all a country that has been redistrict did in 2010 to shift all of over to the republican base and they speak with the author and and you will see districts go for 30 miles like in michigan and then that then a garbage dump and it shows how they were created though word rat was used as early as the 20. >> we are being polite with our use of the word but the whole word is on the front of the book? >> there is to asterisks the
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debt was used by word work -- would worse than bernstein as political espionage and sabotage. >> another book was a finalist for the pulitzer. >> marching home it details to the veterans when they came to the north and how they were forgotten by a brilliant first-time author it was so unusual to get a final list. we are very proud of the book. >> who is when the war in? >> there are a lot of young historians she is from princeton rewritten the 17th century and shows house the very was linked to the founding of america or
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in new haven in providence it shows how many founding fathers invested heavily in slave shipping the city on the hill was in barbados. >> i assume he was checking account inning came over four years later when the warren had written her major work. >> shirley jackson? unit a huge renaissance one of the architects in fiction of poor quality is the heir
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apparent to "o" magazine and she traces her life through the novels and it is a stunning biography. >> why haven't we heard about her? >> most of -- most have through the lottery one of the most famous short stories but was forgotten and suddenly she is all over the place. >> what is this book? >> one of the hottest and novels in the world coming out in september. famous mostly as a graphic novelist he lives a hermit's
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existence in new england in one family over tender 12th centuries it is like in epic and is getting crowds of people proving to be a monster work of fiction in this year. >> it is called jerusalem that. >> named after a poem that is the story of life in mystery in the universe and is of a work of fiction lasting 100 years however they have a huge fan base you will see an explosion of interest. >> what about the city had jerusalem? >> it was written with the poor people of england is a
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very ambitious and exciting book. >> at couple more books from live right. >> i think a lot of people in your audience know of him have written ace century started with the boston lighthouse n tells the story of america it is technology and a receding book hundreds of light houses around michigan and who doesn't like the lighthouse?
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>> en next one of the most renowned war correspondents is it is all about what happened in syria. of the of war correspondents efforts that is under siege and has been ruined. >> we have covered this author several times. >> his first major novel since forest gump is a buddy you love is history taking those to come down south to protect the property it is
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great page turning fiction for anybody who loves american history to see the intersection. >> the publisher is from live right coming out from that company the latest titles.


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